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Features that work
Do more with simple tools and smart processes.
Pre - Admission
streamlining seamless admission process
Automated Admission

Process prospective students seamlessly, option to customize to fit your admissions process, providing a hassle free process for enrolling students.

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Status Update

Track progress and review a student's application form and manage their journey with ease, migrate students from application to enrollment without re-entry of data

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Online Form

It's traditional to receive admission inquires and enrollment via email, on Edureck inquires / enrollments are unified, saved for ease of bulk response via email / SMS

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Student Information System (SIS)
unified information management system
Student Record

Comprehensive track of student’s profile, basic, personal & guardian’s information, while giving unique ID for all students.

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Class Management

Create and manage classes, classroom with different arms, assigning different teachers and students to a particular classroom

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In - App Messaging

Communication is very essential, every user has the ability to socialize in groups, private messages.

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Grading & Assessment

Configure the how the system reports to you, starting from result designs to actual result computation.

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Subject Manager

Create, manage and configure subject, assign to different classes, designed to accommodate elective and compulsory subjects.

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Time Table

Easily configure and management academic period across classes, while making it visible across other users.

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Set row call parameters, which send notification to guardian when their wards is absent in school.

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Get information circulated fast and effective. One of the most convenient means of passing updates on status of a process or situation

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Plan the school academic year, select national holidays to observe, sends notification on specific actions.

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Finance & Accounting
ease in tracking transactions

Keep track of all transactions easily. Students and parents can easily see history of payment made to the school in one simple location.

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Schedule and plan finance better, create budget for recurring expenses and get notified when exceeding it, make decisions based on data.

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Fees Management

Robust financial information with a Comprehensive Fee classification system, Easy analysis of fee defaulters and fee structure available.

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Expense Manager

Customize and manage different category of expenses effortlessly, simple yet well detailed, maintaining account principle and automated processes.

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Payment Option

Giving option to different channels for fees collection, transparent and easy processes; Credit cards, Bank Account Deduction and Bank Transfers

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Income Manager

Comprehensive track records of different classification of income as side fees (Tuition, Library, Bus Et.c.) and automated transactions.

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Learning Management System (LMS)
Collaborative learning system
Lesson Note Manager

Easily create lesson plan that are shared with student, which can be viewed online or exported as PDF or word

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Quiz & Test

Teachers can create online quiz and test supporting Multiple Choice, Open Ended or fill in the blanks.

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Study groups are created by students to engage in active conversations, debates or group problem solving sessions.

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Graphics representation of reports
Student Behavioural Analytics

Student's behavioural analytics give insight on student's attitude to learning, using data accumulated out time

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Financial Analytics

Get financial details of your school, with ease and compare figures using our interactive graphs and charts

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Advanced Reporting

Get comprehensive report on overall school academics with comparison to student's past performance

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Making connection on your behalf

Using SMS to notify users (Parents/Teacher/Admin) of activities within on the system or school notice

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Our email integration helps you keep in touch with parents/teachers/students, regarding notice, invoices, Et.c

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Online Payment

Giving convenience to paying fees without visiting the school, invoice in their respective email

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