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Edureck Partnership
Partnering with Edureck can help you expand 
your business, engage customers, and earn more money.
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Why Partner with Edureck?
Statistics show that there are more than 200 million schools in the world, directly translating to the fact that there is an average of one school for every square kilometre of global land mass. Now this is a market in super need for Edureck School Management Software. This presents an excellent opportunity for edureck’s partners to expand their business with a tried and trusted product.

More possibilities 

to grow your business

Edureck is 101% ready and committed to supporting its partners who wish to sell Edureck School Management Software. We are much aware of the demand for a practical and problem solving School ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Business Increase

Currently, the market is flooded with two major types School Management Software (SMS). One of which are the non-conforming and un-professional SMS which offers a solution but are unable to provide the vital and critical part of the solution that all institution needs: Support. While another is the overpriced School Management Software, which in most cases, exceed the budget of most institutions.

Keep It Your Way

Edureck School Management Software is perfectly positioned in terms of suitability, 
functionality, pocket friendly and 24/7 support. As our partner, you can easily 
tap into the huge potential that is out there at a very low risk. You can select the 
partnership program that best suits your values and objectives
Direct Partner

Direct partners are specifically focused on re-selling and delivering Edureck School management software and services, with an expected commission both on Initial deployment and renewals.

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Referral Partner

Referral partners are also of the motive to drive sales of Edureck School management software through the network of 1-3 person reach. This is leveraging on friends, family and acquaintance.

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